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  • Polyester Staple Fiber  Nonwoven Geotextile GeofanTex® GFS is 100% Polyester Staple Fiber Needle Punched Non Woven Geotextile.
  • The high-quality PET Polyester raw material offers the most cost-effective range of geotextile bringing the maximum value to your project, this range of non woven geotextile has excellent energy absorption characteristics as well as superior filtration performance.
  • Load and deliver the products in time
  • Brand GeoFanTex® GFP
  • Product origin China
  • Delivery time 7-14 days
  • Supply capacity 40′ HQ/ 7 Days

Product Details

Polyester Nonwoven Geotextiles GeofanTex® GFS have main functional mechanical properties, permeable or impermeable properties, soil-tightness. The data sheet as the blow is part of mechanical properties, not full of it. The permeable properties, loading quantities, or any other details will be mailed to you if you need them. As bellows. 

(* Geofantex Geosynthetics can produce GeofanTex® GFS according to your requirement in constructions, MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY: 20’ft Container)

Geotextile Speicifciations

Properties (Standard) UnitGFS 100GFS 150GFS 200GFS 250GFS 300GFS 350GFS 400GFS 450GFS 500GFS 600
Tensile Strength [ASTM D 4595]M TKN/m3.6 4.54.5 6.27.5 10.010.0 12.513.0 16.014.0 17.516.4 20.518.0 22.520.0 25.028.0 32.0
Tensile Elongation [ASTM D 4595]M%50505050505050505050
Grab Strength [ASTM D 4632]M TN188 260258 326369 594420 696760 875788 920907 1043967 11281045 12591245 1610
Grab Elongation [ASTM D 4632]M%50505050505050505050
( T: Typical value  M: Minimum Average Roll Value – MARV)
Properties (Standard) UnitGFS 800GFS 1000GFS 1200GFS 1400GFS 2000
Tensile Strength [ASTM D 4595]M TKN/m40.0
Tensile Elongation [ASTM D 4595]M%5050505050
Grab Strength [ASTM D 4632]M TN2019
Grab Elongation [ASTM D 4632]M%5050505050
( T: Typical value  M: Minimum Average Roll Value – MARV)

Geotextile Advantages

The light Polyester Staple Fiber Nonwoven Geotextile (GeofanTex® GFS) has a filter and separation function, the main properties of heavy PET Staple Fiber Nonwoven Geotextile ( GeofanTex® GFS ) for reinforcement are Strength, stiffness, and the conservation of these properties during the life cycle of construction.

1.  Geotextile For Filtration and  Separation

Polyester Staple Fiber  Nonwoven Geotextile ( GeofanTex® GFS ) provide superior hydraulics and soil retention, making them ideal for filtration in subsurface drainage systems. PET Staple Fiber  Nonwoven Geotextile ( GeofanTex® GFS ) have conservation of the cycle life of road, also reduces the overall thickness of the road structure by  requiring less aggregate during construction. Bank protection with a filter construction.

2. Geotextile Fabric Reinforcement

Polyester Staple Fiber  Nonwoven Geotextile( GeofanTex® GFS )  is commonly installed in reinforcement and protection for the natural ground and embankment on the natural ground with low bearing capacity. Steep slope structure.

Applications of Non Woven Geotextile

1. Separation

Nonwoven geotextile to separate construction materials (such as soil and sand, sand and gravel, soil and concrete, etc.) with different physical properties (large grain diameter, distribution, consistency, density, etc.) The two kinds of materials are not lost or mixed, the overall structure and function of the materials are maintained, and the load-bearing capacity of the structure is strengthened.

2. Filtration

When the water flows from the fine soil layer into the coarse soil layer, the good air permeability and water permeability of the needle punched geotextile is used to pass the water flow, and the effective interception of soil particles, fine sand, small stones, etc., to maintain water and soil Engineering stability.

3. Drainage

Needle punched geotextile is a good water-conducting material. It can form a drainage channel inside the soil and discharge excess liquid and gas in the soil structure.

4. Reinforcement

Use acupuncture geotextiles to enhance the tensile strength and deformation resistance of the soil, increase the stability of the building structure, and improve the soil quality.

5. Protection

Effectively spread, transfer or decompose concentrated stress to prevent soil from being damaged by an external force.

6. Composite

Sealing Needle-punched geotextiles fabric cooperate with other materials (mainly asphalt or plastic film) to form an impervious barrier in the soil layer. (For road resurfacing, etc.)

Applications of Polyester Staple Fiber Nonwoven Geotextile

Geofantex Geosynthetics have to make a series of guarantee for our products both plant processing and selling out to our customers. Selling to you is the first step, the service, and guarantee is our task. Geofantex Geosynthetics have an ISO Certificate to guarantee the raw material, the product processing, and the end product. From receiving your order to replacement and installation of the products, we have solved the problems in time if you need, whatever the quality and technics guideline or suggestions. Our company has been committed to supplying high-quality products with reasonable price and delivery in time. 


GEOFANTEX has an on-site Manufacturing Quality Assurance Laboratory at the factory. GEOFANTEX maintains a high level of quality and up-to-the-minute results on finished products through a fully equipped, well-staffed, dedicated laboratory existing in each of the manufacturing facilities. Each facility follows the same guidelines for evaluating the quality of GEOFANTEX products and is capable of adapting to market-driven requirements.
A. Objective
The objective of the GEOFANTEX Quality Assurance program is to define an implementation of basic manufacturing quality assurance (MQA) procedures necessary to ensure consistent production of quality products supplied to the geosynthetic market. Note that at this time, these procedures are limited to polyester staple fiber nonwoven geotextile.
B. Scope
In order to achieve GEOFANTEX’s stated purpose, a rigorous set of minimum standards and an effective test program to assure compliance have been established. These procedures and requirements are frequently reviewed and adjusted to assure compliance with current market demands and/or predetermined project specifications. These procedures assure that raw materials and process parameters are controlled to provide products complying with GEOFANTEX’s pre-defined minimum characteristics.

nonwoven geotextile production line


A. Roll Numbering

Each roll of geotextile is assigned a unique roll number. The Quality Assurance Laboratory maintains records documenting the raw materials and resulting product quality information.

B. Approval Procedure

Results for each tested roll of the product are checked against both GEOFANTEX China standard and customer specifications for compliance. The Quality Assurance Laboratory approves those materials that meet these requirements for shipment.

C. Non-Conformance

Material that does not meet GEOFANTEX minimum standards is given a roll number but is rejected and not placed into inventory. The material is identified as scrap and will not be utilized. Material that meets GEOFANTEX minimum standards but does not meet a stricter customer specification is not allocated to that customer but is placed into inventory as GEOFANTEX standard material.

D. Documentation

Individual Quality Assurance Certificates are generated and supplied for each roll of needle punched nonwoven geotextile product to include all relevant quality assurance information about the material(s).

Geofantex Geosynthetics have a series of package and delivery service working procedures. Geofantex Geosynthetics have supplied thousands of containers to Latin America, North America, Southeast Asia, and developed countries, and Africa within the past ten years. We provide the package of products with the rolls, pots, bags, sheets, or your requirement in orders. Our company has been committed to supplying high-quality products with reasonable price and delivery in time. Delivery one 40’HQ within 7 – 10 days. And we have an obligation in increasing loading quantity and make you save the freight costs maximally. We supply the products by plane, by sea and land carriage to any regions or any countries of the worldwide, even the door-to-door service. 

What is Polyester Staple Fiber Nonwoven Geotextile – GeofanTex® GFS

PET (Polyester) Staple Fiber  Nonwoven Geotextile(GeofanTex ® GFS) is 100% Polyester Staple Fiber Needle Punched Non Woven Geotextile. The high-quality PET (Polyester)raw material offers the most cost-effective range of geotextiles bringing the maximum value to your project, this range of non woven geotextile offers excellent energy absorption characteristics as well as superior filtration performance.

PET Staple Fiber  Nonwoven Geotextile (GeofanTex® GFS) is made from the highest quality Polyester Staple Fibers and needle-punched to form the dimensional structures, with UV resistance. PET Staple Fiber Nonwoven Geotextile (GeofanTex ® GFS) is extremely effective in reinforcing and protecting the granular layers, collecting surplus water from the structures and the soil, also providing hydraulic flow and soil retention, which makes them well suited for filtration in subsurface drainage applications.

PET Staple Fiber  Non Woven Geotextile ( GeofanTex® GFS ) is extremely effective in reinforcing and protecting the granular layers, collecting surplus water from structures, such as surplus water or rainwater, from the soil and discharging it, also providing hydraulic flow and soil retention, which makes them well suited for filtration in subsurface drainage applications, and preventing the multi-layer geosynthetics materials, add to the performance life of the road.

The package is PE, the color of the package is black,  the MOQ (minimum order quantity)of white or black of is 20’GP, PET (Polyester) Staple Fiber Nonwoven Geotextile ( GeofanTex® GFS ) could be made into a bag, pot, roll, sheets or according to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the quality of Geofantex Geosynthetics products could meet all the standards according to your requirement.

OEM could be accepted by Geofantex Geosynthetics, and we have a lot of practical experience. 

Sure, Geofantex Geosynthetics products could be customized, Model, Size, Package, Raw material, Composite products, all could be customized, and we welcome special customized.

Yes, we could issue third-party test reports, like SGS, TRI, etc.

Yes, below 2m2 samples are free.

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